Northern California Trail Closure

Dixie Fire

Updated 5/31/22

The Pacific Crest Trail is open for hiking through the extensive Dixie Fire burn area but the PCT remains closed to stock use in Lassen Volcanic National Park. We expect the stock closure to remain in place for a few years. Drakesbad Guest Ranch remains closed.

The Dixie Fire burned across more miles of the Pacific Crest Trail than any other fire in memory. Approximately 85 miles of the PCT burned from Bucks Lake north to Old Station, a distance of 106 miles.

Traveling through a burned area can be dangerous. There are a wide variety of risks that you’ll need to manage. Conditions may still be hazardous, especially for equestrians, who will likely want to avoid the area entirely at this time. Some places will be difficult to pass due to down trees. There may also be burned-out holes due to tree stumps or root systems burning underground and those holes could be hard to see until your foot suddenly breaks into them. Before heading out to this section, read up on how to travel through a burn area.

Whether its for safety or aesthetic reasons, you may chose to avoid this area. To do so, consider leaving the PCT at Quincy-LaPorte Road (mile 1235) and riding in a car to Old Station (mile 1377). This way, you would skip both the 2020 Bear Fire and 2021 Dixie Fire burn areas. Limited public transit exists, but with time, transit services the communities of Quincy, Chester and Burney.