Northern California Trail Closure

Private timberland camping closures in Northern California due to fire risk 

Sierra Pacific Industries and Collins, major owners of private forestlands, have closed their California lands to public access due to the extreme drought and risk of wildfire. The Pacific Crest Trail remains open but strong limits are in place.

People are allowed to pass through Sierra Pacific Industries and Collins lands on the PCT, but you must travel carefully and continuously across their lands. This access is only for the PCT.

Terms of access include:

  • You may pass through Sierra Pacific Industries and Collins lands on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • The following activities are NOT allowed: camping, campfires, use of stoves and ignition sources, smoking, or stopping for extended periods of time.


Please check whether you are on public land before camping in Northern California

The Pacific Crest Trail passes through private timber lands at various points in Northern California. It is especially common in between I-80 and Sierra City, around Highway 36 near Chester, and between McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park and Mushroom Rock (~mile 1450). You can turn on public lands layers on our interactive map. Please only camp on public lands in Northern California’s timber country.

While it’s always important to be safe with campfires (drown, stir, feel) and stoves, this year it’s even more important because we’re in a critical drought. You should assume that all campfires are banned unless you are sure that they are allowed. Read more about fire restrictions and wildfires and your responsibility to take care.

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