Southern California Trail Closure

Angeles NF endangered species closure

Note: This closure lies within the Bobcat Fire closure, please refer to the Bobcat Fire closure page for the current closure details.
This is a long-term closure of the PCT north of Islip Saddle for 2.7 miles from mile 390.2 to mile 384. The trail is closed to protect the endangered mountain yellow-legged frog.

The four detour options around this closure are problematic but possible. Hikers and equestrians should note that the detour trails may not be up to the standards of the PCT. They can be steep and exposed and unsuitable for some, especially equestrians. The detours can be long and have a lot of elevation gain and loss, but they also have some interesting geology and are worthy hikes. View and print a map of the endangered species detours.

  1. Leave the PCT far before the closure at Vincent Gap (mile 374) to walk a long detour using the Manzanita and Desert National Recreation Trails around a large portion of the PCT.
  2. Leave the PCT at Islip Saddle (mile 385) and take the exposed and treacherous South Fork Trail (not suitable for equestrians) to the Desert National Recreation Trail to the PCT.
  3. Walk from Eagles Roost (mile 390.2) along Highway 2 for 2.7 miles to Buckhorn Campground. Highway 2 is a highway above Los Angeles that can have plenty of cars driving dangerously around steep mountain curves. This is not a particularly safe option.
  4. Ride in a car around the closure.