Southern California Trail Closure

Bobcat Fire in Angeles National Forest

The PCT is closed from the junction with the Dawson Saddle Trail near Throop Peak (mile ~381) to the Three Points Trailhead (mile ~403) on Angeles National Forest due to the Bobcat Fire. Because the Dawson Saddle Trail is also closed, people will need to leave the PCT at Vincent Gap (mile 374) or even all the way south at Wrightwood.


Plan Ahead for Transportation Around Closures

The PCTA and our land management partners work together every time there is a trail closure to identify walking detours. But sometimes there aren’t realistic walking options for every closure; walking highway shoulders with fast moving traffic is not a safe way to get around a trail closure. When this is the case, it’s important that people plan ahead and arrange for transportation around the closure. After researching, we have not yet been able to recommend a walking detour around the Bobcat closure.

Highway 2 is high speed, winding, narrow, without a shoulder in many places with frequent car accidents on it. Motorists would also not expect to see or react to pedestrians walking the road.

In normal years, we often recommend that people get off the trail and take public transportation around a closure area; but, in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic some public transportation systems may be running with reduced services. Even if some public transportation is available along the trail, it may not be a responsible option, as it may put people in close contact with others in an enclosed area for an extended amount of time. Hitchhiking isn’t a good option either this year, as you’d be in close contact with someone and put them and yourself at risk of transmitting COVID-19.