Southern California Trail Closure

Major damage at Whitewater Preserve and Mission Creeks

The Pacific Crest Trail along Mission Creek is seriously damaged after a flooding event on February 14, 2019. Travel is very difficult with multiple types of hazards. The Pacific Crest Trail runs up Mission Creek, through San Gorgonio Wilderness and Sand to Snow National Monument, from about mile 226 to mile 240. Much of that stretch is damaged.

Huge boulders block the trail on the wide flood-damaged river bed, there is bushwhacking with sharp branches, scrambling across loose soils, and there are many trees down. You will need to navigate to get through and you might do some challenging walking through the creek.

Mission Creek is not suitable for equestrians and while technically open, many hikers will choose to avoid this section of trail as it is not an enjoyable experience and there are significant hazards.

Whitewater Preserve visitor center closed

Due to severe damage from the same heavy rains, Whitewater Canyon Road and the Whitewater Preserve visitor center are closed area will not be able to accommodate day use or overnight PCT hikers in 2019.

There are no phones available (landline or otherwise), no restrooms, no wifi, and no road access to be picked up or dropped off. The bridge across the Whitewater River from the PCT to the Preserve has been washed out. Great caution should be used in crossing in this area as two people (non-PCT hikers) lost their lives in this river last September.

Mission Creek in Sand to Snow National Monument.

Mission Creek in Sand to Snow National Monument.