Southern California Trail Closure

Rock slide between Antsell Peak and South Peak

Trail Conditions Alert

There has been a significant rock slide between Antsell Peak and South Peak around mile 172.5. People are reporting that the rock slide is dangerous to cross and impassable to some. We’re told that the main rock on the trail is about 10 feet by 10 feet by 3 feet.

San Bernardino National Forest informs us that at this time, they plan to keep the PCT open so that people can walk up to the rock slide from the south and the north to check it out and enjoy the trail. It’s not recommended to cross the rock slide.

You should use good judgment and exercise extreme caution in the area. If it’s impassable to you, turn around. The stability of the rocks is unknown and there is significant exposure in the area. Equestrians definitely cannot pass over the rock slide so should consider this section impassible.

Northbound hikers can return to the Spitler Trail (which has been significantly damaged in the past year and is not up to PCT standards) near mile 168.5 and take that west down the mountain to the trailhead and then walk Apple Canyon Road to the highway in order to exit. Equestrians and cautious hikers who are heading northbound should consider exiting the PCT via the Cedar Spring Trail (~mile 162.5) down to Morris Ranch Road. Southbound hikers would return to the South Ridge Trail or Devil’s Slide Trail and exit to Idyllwild. There are no open dirt roads or trails between the highway and Idyllwild.

For more, check with the San Jacinto Ranger District of San Bernardino National Forest.

General vicinity of the reported rock slide.