Washington Trail Closure

Fires near the PCT in Glacier Peak Wilderness: Airplane Lake Fire

Updated 9/18/23 at 1:00 PM: Added link to Airplane Lake Fire closure order. The Dome Peak Fire has re-closed the PCT and now has its own closure page.

The Airplane Lake Fire south of Glacier Peak is burning close to the PCT in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. The trail is closed between the Bald Eagle trail junction (mile 2497.8) and the North Fork Sauk trail junction (mile 2505).

Detour for Airplane Lake Fire Closure

Described from a perspective of northbound hikers:

  • The Bald Eagle trail junction (FST #650) is at about mile 2497.8, heading northwest from Dishpan Gap towards Blue Lake. The Pilot Ridge trail #652 heads northwest to join the North Fork Sauk and can be used to go back up to PCT, or out to the trailhead. At the junction with the North Fork Sauk Trail (FST #649 on MBS) the detour follows the river East, then climbs back up towards White Pass and the PCT where it forms a junction at about mile 2505.
  • This detour is about 17 miles long, as opposed to the 7 mile closed portion of the PCT. Plan accordingly if planning to follow this route.

Airplane Lake Detour Map