Washington Trail Closure

Miriam and Clear Fork fires in Goat Rocks Wilderness, Wash.

The PCT is closed for 16.5 miles from Elk Pass (mile 2278.5) to White Pass at Highway 12 (mile 2295).

The Miriam Fire is burning just to the east of the trail. The Clear Fork Fire is burning to the west of the trail. Fire fighters have partially contained these fires, but they are still burning in close proximity to the PCT.

Detour information

Exiting the PCT at Elk Pass, travel NW on Trail #79 (Coyote Trail). Follow Trail #79 past Chimney Rock to the junction with Trail #78 (Packwood Trail) to the junction with Trail #76 (Clear Lost Trail). At Clear Lost Trailhead either take travel on Hwy 12 to White Pass or walk Trail #60 to rejoin the PCT at Sand Lake.

Hiking northbound from the PCT on the detour, water was found at the following locations:

  • Coyote Trail #79: 2 small creeks, the 1st just a trickle (4 mi northbound from PCT). Beaver Bill Creek (5 mi northbound from PCT).
  • Packwood Lake Trail #78: Lost Lake (7 mi northbound from PCT)
  • Clear Lost Trail #76: Lost Hat Lake (9 mi northbound from PCT)
  • Small Creek (11 mi northbound from PCT)
  • Cowlitz River (13 mi northbound from PCT)

Detour map