2023 Photo Contest Winners

First Place Overall Winner

1ST PLACE OVERALL WINNER: “Mount Adams Paintbrush” by James Parsons. (Click to view larger image.)

From the Photographer: Sunset after a 31 mile day that began at snow line on the now distant Mount Adams. We made camp with an incredible view near the Knife’s Edge, Goat Rocks, Washington. I had passed this scene of Mount Adams about a half mile before camp. After eating dinner and relaxing, did I have enough left in the tank to hike back here for this shot? Turns out, barely, but I’m glad I did. This is my favorite landscape image of my thru-hike. I know how rare it is to even see these mountains from here, given the frequent clouds and wildfire smoke in Washington. But to be given perfect visibility, a great sunset AND peak wildflower bloom is just pure great luck. This evening was in contention for best on trail.

Second Place Overall Winner

2ND PLACE OVERALL WINNER: “Eye to Eye” by Christopher Thompson. (Click to view larger image.)

From the Photographer: We saw many horned toads throughout the desert, but only this majestic Blainville’s Horned Lizard was completely unphased by my presence in his world. In hopes of seeing eye to eye I got down on my stomach in the hot desert sand to spend a moment with this creature that seemed utterly at home and ready for anything. California Desert—Scissors Crossing—Northbound Mile 75.

Third Place Overall Winner

3RD PLACE OVERALL WINNER: “Forester Pass” by Christina Strasser. (Click to view larger image.)

Trail Majesty Category Winners

1st Place: Moonset – Jon Anderson
2nd Place: Sunset Above Belden – Michael Irving
3rd Place: Mt. Adams near Killen Creek – Kevin Dickson
Honorable Mention: A Thru-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Christopher Thompson
Honorable Mention: Crater Lake Sunset Panorama – James Parsons
Honorable Mention: Sunrise at Rae Lakes – Scott Pope

Human Spirit Category Winners

1st Place: Bubble Wrap on Glen Pass – Del Gray
2nd Place: Journaling Near Gomez Meadow – Kevin Devaney
3rd Place: Brother and Sisters – by Kira Rudolf
Honorable Mention: Crossing Senger Creek – Jon Anderson
Honorable Mention: That First Step Is A Doozy – Philip Kollas
Honorable Mention: Singing In The Rain – John Meehan

Equestrian Category Winners

1st Place: Kern River Crossing – Dylan Gordon
2nd Place: Riders at Seldon Pass – Ulrich Arnold
3rd Place: Taking in The View – Gillian Larson
Honorable Mention: On The High Road – Christopher Thompson
Honorable Mention: Heading To Cutthroat Pass – Jodi Johnson
Honorable Mention: Llamas on the PCT – Conrad Lowry

Trail Work Category Winners

1st Place: Saw Training – Michael Lewis
2nd Place: SCA PCT Team Sonora Pass Steps – Jay Watson
3rd Place: – Trail Worker Near Etna, CA – Michel Godbout
Honorable Mention: Kicking Off PCT Days – Maria Geraldine Ignacio
Honorable Mention: Saw – Adam Gunis

Flora Category Winners

1st Place: Sunrise Beauty Overload – Kathy Dudgeon
2nd Place: Green Thistle Flower – Conrad Lowry
3rd Place: Golden Aches – Del Gray
Honorable Mention: Colorful – Philippe Liezi
Honorable Mention: Corn Lily Close Up – Jocelyn Dowdy
Honorable Mention: Twisted Pines – Adam Gunis

Fauna Category Winners

1st Place: SoCal Lizard – David McCoy
2nd Place: Daybreak – Emilie Vachon
3rd Place: Basking Snake – Gillian Larson
Honorable Mention: Deer Spotted from the Tent – Isabel Bonavoglia
Honorable Mention: Pika – Ulrich Arnold
Honorable Mention: Busy Ground Squirrel – Larry Bettinger


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