Completion medals and certificates

Completion medals are engraved with your name and year on the back.

Completion medals are engraved with your name and year on the back.

With the generous support of long distance backpacking pioneer and PCTA board member Eric Ryback, the Pacific Crest Trail Association recognizes the achievement. Finishers may receive a personally engraved completion medal or a high quality certificate to place on their wall.

To receive your medal or certificate, first walk or ride the entire trail. Whether your achievement came in sections over twenty years, or all at once in a few months, the medal is yours once you’ve traveled the entire 2,650 miles.

Recognition is free to members. After having finished the trail, we hope that you translate your love for the PCT into long-term financial support for the PCTA. The memories of your travels will last a lifetime, and so should the trail. Please, maintain your PCT membership so that we can keep this trail alive for future generations.

Non-members may obtain a medal or a certificate for a $5 handling fee.


When you have completed the entire PCT, apply for a medal or certificate here.

If you would like to be added to the 2,600 Miler List and you don’t want to receive a medal, please email us at [email protected].

Only requests that come directly from the hiker or equestrian will be honored. This insures that medals are engraved exactly the way they want. Please do not request medals for others.

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Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton