Trail Completion Form

In order to ensure that each medal is engraved in exactly the way that the hiker or equestrian would want it, the medal request must come directly from the hiker or equestrian. You may not request a medal for somebody else.

Click here for the printable version.

Note: We're out of stock and are waiting on the manufacturer to make us more.

We can mail out a certificate relatively quickly, so if you'd like one, please go ahead and apply. Just write in the comments that you’d like both a medal and a certificate.

We'll still send you a medal when they come in. Two wonderful volunteers, Dave and JoAnn Wampler, are more than ready to engrave them with your names. You deserve it!

We're crossing our fingers and doing everything we can to get you a medal before Christmas.

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End Date: YYYY-M-D
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*One completion certificate or medal is free to each PCTA member. Non-members are required to pay a $5 fee to cover certificate and medal shipping and handling.

Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton