June 19, 2011

After leaving Mammoth Lakes on the 12th of June we arrived in Bridgeport on the 18th. In addition to Wing It and Don’t Panic’s conditions report, we would like to add the following trail information.

Crampons and/or microspikes are useful on the snow in the mornings, although one member of our group made it without. For us, the biggest challenge in this section was the stream crossings. It should be noted that the majority of major tributaries have burst their banks.

Return Creek – build up of logs providing natural bridge (approximately 1 mile downstream of crossing.) (June 15)

Spiller Creek – fast flowing but not deep. A fair bit of care was taken in crossing. (June 15)

Matterhorn Canyon Creek – river ford at belly button height. We crossed at a slow flowing section down stream of the trail. (June 15)

Wilson Creek – snow bridges, no river fords necessary. (June 16)

Smedberg Creek – snowbridge. (June 16)

Piute Creek – lots of water, but lots of logs to aid in crossing. We managed to cross with one short waist deep section. (June 16)

Kerrick Canyon Creek – log crossing at trail. (June 16)

Stubblefield Canyon Creek – multiple creek crossings necessary. Log and snow bridge used. Lots of water. (June 16)

Falls Creek – hiked up eastern side of creek to avoid crossing as flow was substantial. (June 17)