July 1, 2011

June 28 to July 1, 2011 -Trail out of Echo Lake is clear for 2 hours of hiking – lulls you into a sense of exuberance, then you hit the snow, big time. Desolation Wilderness is snowed in, min 2-3 feet with drifts up to 15 feet. Sign at Barker Pass barely visible in 6 feet of snow. GPS with halfmile’s data extremely useful. Microspikes also useful, especially in the am. Some areas where the trail is covered, an ice axe would be useful (we didn’t carry one). We bailed at Heavenly Valley Ski Resort and got a ride to a friends home in Squaw Valley. Going was slow, 1-2 mph. Got off trail more than once, even with GPS. Miller Creek and the one following were challenging, mostly to find a safe crossing point. If you go in here, be prepared, take extra food, unless your name is Malto. Jack and the Kiwis