August 6, 2011

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On July 31, no trouble finding trailhead at parking lot and then hiked PCT to top of Stevens’ ski area with some snow at top. Beyond ski area the trail is mostly clear to the powerlines, but look for Alpine Lakes Wilderness boundary sign to locate PCT. There are several steep, patchy snow fields leading to Lake Susan Jane.

Solid snow south from Icicle Creek/PCT trail junction. Estimate 5-15 feet in places, tread difficult and time-consuming to follow. After a mile or so, trail reappeared as it loses elevation dropping into Tunnel Creek drainage.

Because of snow and uncertainty, retraced route back; then camped at Josephine Lake (which is off the PCT and down Icicle Creek) and abandoned my attempt to hike any further to the south; hiked back out to trailhead August 1. In my opinion it will be at least a month and maybe next year before this trail segment is free of snow.