September 27, 2011

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The new bridge over the Suiattle River is now finished, and the new trail to the bridge is ready for all users. Traveling north, as one decends from Dolly Vista ridge (north of Milk Creek) at the point where the PCT formerly crossed Vista Creek, the new trail goes left and reaches the new bridge over the Suiattle in 3 miles. After crossing the new bridge the new trail ascends 1/4 mile to join the Suiattle River Trail #784. The east end of the Suiattle River trail #784 is now the PCT and rejoins the original PCT in about 3 miles. Temporary signs are in place and mark the junctions and directions.

I spoke with a number of through-hikers who had maps that did not quite cover the new trail location. Also they had maps that only list trail numbers. Many of the local wooden signs give information based on local features such as indicating the direction of Suiattle Pass or Miners Ridge. As a result these people were having dificulty comparing thier map lables with the local sign information. Still, everyone I met was succeeding in following the temporary signs and staying on the trail.