August 22, 2011

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August 21st, we day hiked south from Green Pass, to Urich Cabin. There were over one hundred trees down, particularly around Pyramid Peak. Most we could crawl over or go around, but some required belly crawling under them.

PCTA Update:
BCH and PCTA / North 350 Blades crews cleared most of the logs in this area (Green Pass to Ulrich Cabin / Govt Meadows) around the weekend of September 10-11. A few difficult to remove logs remain, however, which will require USFS / Pro crews due to complexity. They are passable with minor to moderate difficulty to hikers. Still very difficult to impassable to stock due to large tree size and steep terrain.
End update.

Our crew cleared 20 logs on Saturday the 10th and another 49-50 on Sunday the 11th. On the 10th, we started at Green Pass and worked south for ~2 trail miles. E-mails traded with the BCH folks indicate they cleared the area from Ulrich Cabin / Government Meadows north past Pyramid Peak, to where we started on Sunday the 11th (and worked north toward Green Pass). We started in at the last cut log they did and worked north through the 1988 burn area.