July 17, 2012

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Completed Barlow Pass to Lolo Pass in 1 day. The snow at and just past Timberline lodge made it hard to find the trail, halfmiles gps waypoints saved me. The river crossing were pretty safe and easy to cross. The zigzag river gave me a little trouble with rock hoping.

Day 2 from Lolo Pass to Eagle Creek trailhead. Clear and snow free. Caution!! There was water near mile marker 2125 but then nothing until Indian Springs campground at mile marker 2138!! Also, I was able to get cell phone reception on the ridge that was due west of Lost Lake.

Indian Spring trail to Eagle Creek trail is a very steep, narrow trail that was on the side of a steep hill most of the way. It also has a lot of blowdowns. Eagle creek is one of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever seen, but also one of the scariest. The trail is cut into a cliff face with a sheer drop, a lot of the way. The trail was incredibly rocky, which was not pleasant on my sore and blistered feet.

You can find the track of my trail at sportstracker.com. just use the map to narrow in on mt hood and you’ll see it. My pics are also geotagged to the track.