September 7, 2012

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By: Jack Haskel

Packers in the Goat Rocks area report that a section of the tread north of Old Snowy (both hiker and equestrian routes) are too hazardous to support equestrian traffic. The conditions are a combination of landslides and trail slump, which leaves little to no surface in several locations. For folks not familiar with section, there are 1000 foot drops on both side of this ridge. GPS coordinates for the southern limit of this area:

N46 30.862 W121 27.651 (sign and junction of stock route and hiker route at Old Snowy.

There is no reasonable detour in this landscape; the best advice is to plan on shuttling around to White Pass to continue northern travel or return to the south on the PCT to Elk Pass, which is the northern limit of this dangerous section.

Hikers are able to negotiate the poor trail conditions.