Anza Borrego 2013

April 16th, 2013
By: Steve Sheppard- Turtleback

Other than a need for lobbing an overgrown section south of Rodriguez jeep trail junction water tank and to just south of Chariot Canyon…5000 feet is cold right now, but the trail is groomed nicely! Zebra tail rattle snakes are coming out and sitting on the trail right before third cache. Only Long creek is flowing until Barrel Spring! Third Gate water cache is down down down at the four wheeler trail and the wind is a hazard through the Lagunas as usual. I recommend stopping at Scissors Crossing and preparing for a long fourteen miles to third cache. Hopefully there will be plenty of water for those starting at kickoff! Barrel Spring is flowing nicely and there is a lard herd of dairy cows being used through ranch before Warner Spring.