Bad Blowdown/Deadfall Conditions in Crater Lake NP

July 22nd, 2023
By: Bill Grampyfoot Pieper

August 9 update: National Park Service crews along with Northwest Youth Corps are about 2/3 done with clearing down trees in the park and they are still working.  Thank you!

Within Crater Lake NP, from about mile 1,824 at Dutton Creek to mile 1,849 at OR Highway 138, the PCT is all but obliterated by layers of fallen trees that look like they hadn’t been cleared for at least two years. With only 150- or 200-yard islands of open trail here and there, our pace was cut in half and took double the normal effort. By contrast, all the trails in neighboring Umpqua NF were in great shape. Crater Lake NP needs to give the PCT a little higher priority when it comes to maintenance.