Bouquet Canyon to Mill Creek Summit PCT 4/3-6/13

April 8th, 2013
By: White Hatter (Tom Weaver)

I just got back from a 4-day PCT backpack trip southbound from Bouquet Canyon to Mill Creek Summit. I sent a separate report on water conditions, but wanted to report here on the Poddle Dog Bush situation in Northern Section D.

Hiking south the Poddle Dog Bush starts a mile south of Maddox Canyon at about mile 439. There is also some poison oak, but both are easily avoidable until just south of the North Fork Ranger Station at mile 436.3. Beyond that, it becomes increasing difficult to avoid. I thought I just barely had, but I later noticed a couple of small patches of rash, so maybe not. It looks like the Poddle Dog Bush is growing fast, so I suspect that this section will soon become “impassable.”

I decided to take the next fire road I came to at mile 433.5 and followed it roughly parallel to the PCT all the way to Mill Creek Summit at mile 418.7. I would have taken fire roads all the way from North Fork Ranger Station if I had known how bad the Poddle Dog Bush was going to be. As it was, it densely lined the fire roads and even arched 3-4′ into them in places!

Other than that, the trail was in good shape, the wild flowers blooming, and the temperatures still fairly mild.