Broken Marker /trail delineation needed at Section D Mile 388

March 10th, 2015
By: Ken Marlow

Trail delineation and replacement of a broken marker are need in Section D near Halfmile’s Mile 388, below the summit of Mt. Williamson, in Angeles National Forest.

My wife and I lost the trail north (west)-bound over a low-visibility Thanksgiving Weekend storm weekend, finding ourselves atop Mt Williamson instead of descending on the PCT in this area.

We approached the same problem area from the opposite direction last weekend and again in an attempt to figure where we went wrong and found ourselves again on a spur trail leading to summit Williamson.

The problem area is associated with a broken fiberglass trail marker (only one-inch appearing from the ground) at a ridgetop junction. Uniquely, because there is no trail tread in this area (the PCT falls away out-of-view downslope on both sides. The hiker only sees what ‘looks’ like PCT tread, but in fact is a spur trail to the summit.

Wife and I are experienced long-distance hikers, it was surreal to find ourselves off-trail from opposite approaches on separate trips.

Ken (Class of ’82) & Debbie Marlow