Celebrating 50 years of the PCT
as a National Scenic Trail.

Car race: High Desert Trails Performance Rally – Saturday May 6th, 2017

May 3rd, 2017
By: Anitra Kass

On May 6th from 8am-8pm there will be a rally car event being held in proximity of the PCT in the Piute Mountains. The cars will be utilizing county roads in the area and will only impact hikers at road crossings (like regular traffic). This vehicular traffic will be driving at higher speeds than normal traffic and will be staggered at 1 minute intervals.

Learn more: http://highdeserttrails.com/ 

Impacted road crossings include:
Mile 602 at Jawbone Canyon Rd.
Mile 608 at Piute Mountain Rd.
Mile 611 at Piute Mountain Rd. at the Harris Grade
Mile 616 at Kelso Valley Rd.

There will be race officials with radios at each crossing to help guide hikers across safely.


Photo by: Henrik Frederiksen