Damaged bridge affects PCT/JMT and Rae Lakes Loop in significant way

May 26th, 2017
By: Jack Haskel

EDIT: We were previously told by SEKI staff that the Woods Creek bridge was damaged. That information is incorrect.

South Fork Kings River bridge in Upper Paradise Valley is damaged

The South Fork of the Kings River is a major water course. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park staff tell us that the bridge across it is damaged. This likely a major issue for travel in the area. Do not plan on crossing. PCT/JMT hikers should not plan to leave the trail via this trail.

Effect on Rae Lakes Loop hikers

It’d be incredibly early to hike in this area regardless due to all of the snow and flooding creeks. But if you’re planning on hiking the Rae Lakes Loop, you should reconsider your plans. SEKI park staff recently sent out this note:

“The foot bridge across the South Fork of the Kings River in Upper Paradise Valley was severely damaged over the winter and has fallen into the water. The bridge is not safe to cross and the remaining bridge structure is very unstable. There are no other developed crossings in the area and visitors who intended to use the bridge should adjust their plans.” – SEKI


Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton