Flagging near Old Station on Lassen NF

January 8th, 2015
By: Justin K.

Flagging was placed by Lassen National Forest Staff along the PCT on the Hat Creek Ranger District near the town of Old Station. Approximately one mile of the PCT is lightly flagged from Forest Service Road 32N99 north to the PCT/Spatter Cone trail junction. The flagging colors are orange and white with blue poka-dots.

The flagging was placed to mark a vegetation management project that will be implemented in the spring of 2015. Although some trail users may find the flagging to be a visual impact, the Lassen National Forest and PCTA ask that PCT users do not pull the flagging down, as it is necessary for project implementation. In instances where flagging has been removed along the trail, it has necessitated Forest Service or PCTA staff to duplicate their efforts by re-marking the trail. PCTA appreciates trail users’ understanding.