Lake Fire closure south of Big Bear, Calif.

July 18th, 2016

The Pacific Crest Trail is open again for all users through the Lake Fire closure. However, camping is not allowed in the burn area and travel must be done in a day. Please do not leave the PCT as other trails and areas remain closed.  Details about the rest of the closed areas can be seen in the closure order.

Approximately four miles of PCT are within the burn perimeter. While the trail is open, this was a very intense burn in places and you should be careful. Hazards in recent burn areas may include: loose soils, rocks and trail tread, burned stump holes, hazard trees, unstable terrain and flash flooding and debris flows. Again, no camping is allowed in the burn area at this time.

There has been some confusion about the status of the closure but the information above is correct and San Bernardino National Forest is working on clarifying the matter.

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Lake Fire and the Pacific Crest Trail

Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton