Norse Peak Fire near Mt. Rainier, Washington

October 5th, 2017

The Pacific Crest Trail is closed Chinook Pass (~ mile 2321) to near Forest Road 7037 (near ~mile 2350.5) due to the Norse Peak and Sawmill Ridge Fires.

The Norse Peak Fire started during a lightning storm on August 11, 2017. That storm ignited 13 fires within the Naches Ranger District of Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Washington.


Closure map

No current closure map exists.

Getting around this closure

We’ll look into this more next season if the trail remains closed.

Seattle Public Utility staff sent us the following important note:
PLEASE get the message out to the thru-hiker community that the PCT closure in WA state, due to the Norse Peak Fire, does not allow hiking on/in the Cedar River Watershed. The Cedar River Watershed is owned by the City of Seattle (90,000+ acres) and is the unfiltered water source for almost a million people. Trespass onto City property is a misdemeaner and heavily enforced. Hikers are ending up near Ravensdale WA with almost no options to get back to the trail. Going NW through the Green Watershed is bascially a dead-end without walking along major highways (Highway 18 to 90).
Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton