Closure in Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon

January 4th, 2018

The Pacific Crest Trail remains closed from Elk Lake (mile 1950) to Highway 242 (mile 1981.5) due to the Horse Complex closure on Willamette National Forest. The current closure order expires July 1, 2018. We don’t currently know what change might happen in summer 2018.

Expect that just after snow snowmelt segments might still remain closed, at least long enough to let trail assessments and repair happen. We recommend refraining from planning any hiking trips within the first few weeks after snow melt (snow melt being typically early to mid-July in most places).

We will update this page again in the Spring.

This map shows the closure of the PCT.

This map shows what’s open and closed to the East of the PCT.


Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton