Whitewater River caution

March 24th, 2023
By: Jack H.

The Whitewater River at mile 220 is one of the major rivers on the Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California. The PCT crossing is not bridged. During high runoff events, such as heavy snow years or during rain events in the drainage, the river can be dangerous. Please act with caution and see our page about stream crossing safety.

As of March 2023, the Whitewater River is running high due to heavy winter snows and rains. The access trail between the PCT and the Whitewater Preserve Visitor Center and parking lot is not currently bridged and the river crossing on this side trail is also dangerous. Consider using the Canyon View Loop Trail between the PCT and Whitewater Canyon Road instead as it does not require a river crossing. Find more information at Whitewater Preserve » The Wildlands Conservancy