Spruce Lake Fire in Crater Lake National Park

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August 16th, 2017

Major portions of the official Pacific Crest Trail are closed in Crater Lake National Park.  However, the West Rim Road and the Rim Trail are open.

Immediately to the south is the Blanket Creek Fire.

The PCT remains open from North Rim Road, northward out of the park. It is closed everywhere else in the Park.

If you’re a hiker that still wants to hike through, there aren’t any good options. Smoke is thick in the park. You may want to avoid the area even if it’s open. Check out our satellite images. 




Blanket Creek is the southern fire. Spruce Lake is the northern fire.


Blanket Creek Fire in Sky Lakes Wilderness and Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

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August 16th, 2017

The Blanket Creek Fire is burning west of the Pacific Crest Trail in Sky Lakes Wilderness and the southern part of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. The Spruce Lake Fire is burning just to the north. Together, now called the High Cascades Complex, they have closed much of the PCT in Crater Lake National Park.

In short, the only section of PCT open in the park is from North Entrance Road to Highway 138. That’s the northern part of the park. But the Rim Trail recently reopened, and that’s the most popular route around the lake.

We are told that signs have been posted at the southern end of this closure at the junction of the PCT and the Sevenmile Marsh Trail and that that would be the easiest and last place to bail off the PCT before the National Park.




Blanket Creek Fire is the southern one. Spruce Lake fire is the northern one.


Hazardous snow conditions on Crater Lake’s rim

By: Ian
July 13th, 2017

As of mid-July, Crater Lake NP staff is asking PCT hikers to avoid walking the Rim trail due to hazardous snow conditions and road construction on the West Rim Drive. PCT hikers are being asked to stay on the official PCT route west of the Rim. And please note, due to the lingering snow pack on the PCT some sections of the PCT have not been logged out yet. So, please plan accordingly. Hikers can visit the Rim Village to view the lake but please return to the main PCT route as you continue your journey. The PCTA and CLNP staff thank-you. Good luck and be safe!

Highway 62 to Highway 140

By: cb97123
August 24th, 2016

The trail within the National Park is in perfect condition, however there is a significant number of blown down logs across the trail in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. Many logs to go around between the park boundary and Sevenmile Trail (1802) and again between Snow Lakes Trail and Mt. McLoughlin Trail. The only good water on trail is near Cliff Lake (1798) and Christi Spring (1782), Honeymoon Creek is stagnant and Jack Spring is putrid.

Crater Lake Rim to Highway138

By: cb97123
August 8th, 2016

The day before the Bybee fire closed down the west rim road, I visited the lake (smoky) and day hiked from the North Rim access road to Highway 138 (North Crater Trailhead parking area). The trail is in excellent condition, evidence of recent work to clear logs is everywhere – Thanks! Once you come down off the rim, the walk is a dry stretch of lodgepole pine forest. Immediately after crossing Highway 138, you start hopping logs again.

Bybee Fire at Crater Lake NP

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July 28th, 2016

Update 8/8/2016

The PCT, the Rim Trail, and West Rim Drive are now open


As of Thursday July 28th, 2016 a new wildfire is developing along the PCT in the vicinity of the Lightning Springs trail junction with the Pacific Crest Trail.

As of August 2nd, all of West Rim Drive and the Rim Trail (PCT alternate on the rim, in purple below) and the Pacific Crest Trail are Closed until further notice. The PCT is closed north of OR Hwy 62 (Crater Lake Hwy) at Mazama Village. Please do not continue on the PCT passed Mazama Village.

As of August 4th – Hikers are still advised to use East Rim Drive to bypass the fire.

The only alternative for this closure is to walk East Rim Drive as a bi-pass. This alternate adds about a 25-mile road walk. Hitchhiking is permitted from turnouts only.

Please stay tuned to this web site as well as (888)PCTRAIL trail closure line for updates as conditions are changing rapidly.

Bybee fire alternative map

Crater Lake National Park – Current Conditions (Closure Order will be posted shortly)

Inciweb – Bybee Fire 



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By: Ed Lyons ([email protected])
May 13th, 2016

Deep snow starts .5 miles from the CA line (1689.5) and continues for 4 miles, sometimes on steep hillsides. It is then patchy (everything from clear to deep and in between) until past Mt. Ashland (about 1710).
Patchy, but safe, snow starts again past Hwy 66 (1733). From Hwy 140 (1771) to almost Olallie Lake (about 2043) the trail is under a solid 2 to 10 feet.
By actual observations and emails with Scott Parks, the snow maps on UNDER estimate the snow levels, sometimes by a lot.

Crater Lake to Fish Lake water sources

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By: JaNell
July 23rd, 2015

My friend and I just did the 50 mile hike between Fisher Lake and Crater Lake. For the most part there were many places to find water. For those who are planning to refill your water at Jack Spring you won’t be able too, the spring has dried up. The next closes place to refill is Ranger Spring which is south of Jack Spring and 1 mile off the trail. It’s a beautiful place to stop and cool off. There are still plenty of small streams between Ranger Spring and Devil Peak. The other place we had counted on was Snow Lake. Which we either missed or the sign was burnt in the last forest fire. Fortunately we had filter extra water at Christi Springs.

Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton