Car race: High Desert Trails Performance Rally – Saturday May 6th, 2017

By: Anitra Kass
May 3rd, 2017

On May 6th from 8am-8pm there will be a rally car event being held in proximity of the PCT in the Piute Mountains. The cars will be utilizing county roads in the area and will only impact hikers at road crossings (like regular traffic). This vehicular traffic will be driving at higher speeds than normal traffic and will be staggered at 1 minute intervals.

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Impacted road crossings include:
Mile 602 at Jawbone Canyon Rd.
Mile 608 at Piute Mountain Rd.
Mile 611 at Piute Mountain Rd. at the Harris Grade
Mile 616 at Kelso Valley Rd.

There will be race officials with radios at each crossing to help guide hikers across safely.


MP 608 – 611 Heat Warning, Wind Warning, & Erskine Fire

By: Linda Clark-O'Brien
June 27th, 2016

Fire has not yet reached either Landers Camp Spring or Kelso Valley Rd. I was section hiking along that section thru end of Wednesday (6/22) & shuttling some hikers around on Thursday (6/23). Most hikers are off the ridge line above Kelso Valley Rd due to the heat at midday combined with gale force winds at night (40-60 mph). Have to go to ground with shade at midday & cannot hike at night in gale force winds.

End of California Section E and Beginning of Section F

By: Donna Saufley
February 17th, 2016

Hiked northbound from Cameron/Willow Springs Road to Robin Bird Spring.

At approximate Mile 562, significant erosion damage (2′ deep trench) on short stretch of trail. Easily side-stepped, but will continue to worsen.

At approximate Mile 565, steep hillside in state of extreme deterioration. Trail tread was sound and passable, but hillside above and below trail is unstable and is washing away.

From Mile 566.5 to 566.7 (the stretch of trail parallel and alongside Hwy 58) the trail has been obliterated due to heavy flooding. It was easy enough to follow however. Trail conditions okay above gate and beyond.

The most serious conditions and the primary reason for this report were blowdowns below Cache Peak, where trail leaves road MK10 and becomes single-track again, and Robin Bird Spring. I lost count of the blowdowns, in excess of 50 downed trees. Soft, moist soil and heavy winds took down live and dead trees in and out of burn area

Photo by: Henrik Frederiksen