Donner summit trees down

By: Chris fox
November 10th, 2016

Took a hike 11/9/16 from I-80 Pct trailhead. Connector trail was fine. Tree down about 50 yds so of I-80 tunnel. Then on n side, about 6-7 crossing trail between tunnel and back of rest stop (can see pond at same time). Only went as far as DLRT to loop by summit lake (and that trails fine). Most trees looked 8″ to 24″ in diameter.

Logging over trail near White Rock Lake

By: [email protected]
November 4th, 2013

There is extensive logging in Sierra Pacific land along White Rock Lake Road. As of 10/27, there were recently felled trees over the PCT for about a third of a mile south of the road. This required detours through brush or thick woods. Multiple trees piled up in places, plus heavy equipment damage to the trail. Attempting to cross over trees under snow this winter or next spring could be hazardous. It snowed on 10/28, so I am doubtful the trees will be removed this season.
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Photos Album link with pictures of the trees over trail at

Jackson Meadows to HWY 49

June 3rd, 2012

While overall not bad, there are a few sections that could use some TLC, especially the southern and mid portion. By the end of the trip I was almost wishing I had left my tent behind and taken a chain saw. Numerous fallen trees along the way, with half a dozen or so near the crest (SW of the switchbacks above milton creek). Switchbacks are fair, but a 20 foot section is now dirt and starting to wash out. Lots of the typical early season debris on the trail. Could use some trail markers on the Jackson Meadows side.

Three possible campsites to consider. Best is at the second (furthest south) bridge over Milton Creek. Small fire-ring, space for perhaps 2 tents and sitting log and rock next to the creek. A few hundred yards north up the trail is a alternative, what it lacks in access to water might be made up with less creek noise. It’s a bare bones place for a tent. At the top of the switchbacks SW of the creek is another area, but lots of bugs and little appeal.

June 28, 2011

3-5 feet snow solid from I80 northbound until sw side of peak 8214. Some of the drifts are still 15ft or higher on north facing slopes. I did the section without a gps so my tracks don’t follow the exact trail. Crossed all the creeks via snow bridges. I can only imagine how challenging these usually tiny creeks will be once things start to thaw.

Last 18 miles fairly snow free. Pay attention to when trail turns north after a west-east ridge on the beginning descent down the Jackson meadow lake.

Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton