Holcomb Fire near Big Bear, Calif.

July 6th, 2017

The Holcomb Fire started on June 19th near Big Bear, California. The fire is out but the trail remains closed.

The Pacific Crest Trail is closed for about one mile from Holcomb Valley Road (paved road 3N08) at mile 268 to about mile 269. We do not know at this time when the trail will reopen.

The fastest detour is hike up Forest Road 3N16 to 3N69 (Gold Mt) and up to the PCT junction.



Downed Tree Report(s) Mile 285 – 295

By: Hikin' Jim
June 1st, 2017

I did a short section hike with my daughter this past weekend from about mile 285 to about mile 295.

Here is my GPS track plotted on a topo map:

I have marked the downed trees with a three digit number and the words “downed tree”. The worst are numbers 483, 486, 489, and 493 as I recall. None of these are impassable although #493 might be impassible to a person on horseback; it’s a very large log down perpendicular over the trail, possibly 40″ diameter, on a steep slope.

Photos of each available if they’re needed/wanted.


[email protected]

Sand Fire camping closure south of Agua Dulce

May 9th, 2017

The PCT through the Sand Fire closure area is open as of 4/29/17. While the trail is open, the rest of the burn area on Angeles National Forest surrounding the PCT is still closed.

In the burn area, camping is only permitted at the North Fork Station. Dispersed/remote camping is still not allowed in the burn area closure. The burn closure and no camping zone extends from Mt. Gleason/Messenger Flats (~mile 429.5) to Soledad Canyon Road (~mile 444).

We’re immensely grateful to all of the PCTA Trail Gorillas who volunteered to repair the trail in the burn area and to the dedicated PCT advocates at Angeles National Forest who help the trail and the lands that it passes through.


Please utilize this map to know where the Sand Fire boundary is so that you don’t camp within the boundary except at North Fork Station.


Car race: High Desert Trails Performance Rally – Saturday May 6th, 2017

By: Anitra Kass
May 3rd, 2017

On May 6th from 8am-8pm there will be a rally car event being held in proximity of the PCT in the Piute Mountains. The cars will be utilizing county roads in the area and will only impact hikers at road crossings (like regular traffic). This vehicular traffic will be driving at higher speeds than normal traffic and will be staggered at 1 minute intervals.

Learn more: 

Impacted road crossings include:
Mile 602 at Jawbone Canyon Rd.
Mile 608 at Piute Mountain Rd.
Mile 611 at Piute Mountain Rd. at the Harris Grade
Mile 616 at Kelso Valley Rd.

There will be race officials with radios at each crossing to help guide hikers across safely.


Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton