Central California

Reds Meadow Road closures

By: Emi Gunther
September 7th, 2023

Starting Sept. 18th, Reds Meadow Road will be closed to all traffic, M-F, 24hrs a day for the Reconstruction Project–considered unsafe due to contractor blasting rock during the week. Open to the public Sat/Sun.

These trailheads will be affected:
High Trail, River & Shadow Creek (Agnew Meadows)
Minaret Lake
North JMT & South of Devils Postpile
Beck Lake
Fern Lake
Fish Creek

Consider rerouting through Red Cones/Mammoth Pass Trail or delaying until the weekend.

More information here: Inyo National Forest – Alerts & Notices (usda.gov)

Carson Pass / Meiss Meadow & Desolation Wilderness/ Donner pass

By: Jamie Nowitzky
June 1st, 2023

The Carson Pass area still has significant snow coverage. No dirt showing between Hwy 88 and the Meiss cabin. I could hear water rushing under the usual river crossing but none was visible. The Cabin roofs where protruding from the snow approx. 6ft.
Desolation Wilderness is still holding a noteable snow pack all the way past Donner Pass.

Fallen Trees between Walker Pass and Chimney Creek

By: Gillian Larson
May 31st, 2022

There are about 2 to 3 dozen trees (maybe more) between Walker Pass and Chimney creek. The majority and largest of the trees are between Spanish Creek and Chimney Creek from about mile 670 to 677. There are also a few difficult downfalls farther south between 657 and 662. I made it through with 2 equines but wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have a good saw and some equines that are willing to jump obstacles.

Dangerous chutes north of Sonora Pass when snow is present

By: Frank
June 21st, 2016

North of Sonora Pass, in particular north of Hwy 4, holds steep and dangerous chutes when there is snow present. A serious chute is found at mile 1059.2; Coordinates 38.6187, -119.8436. There are three snow chutes in the area, sometimes the third chute is the most dangerous.

If you don’t have an ice axe or crampons, travel in this area is not advised at certain times.

Conditions change. We’ve heard from others who say this area isn’t that bad. Be careful and cautious. Turning around is always better than hurting yourself.

Raymond Peak