Northern California

May 12, 2011

Due to this year’s heavy snow fall, much of the PCT through the Marble Mountains Wilderness will remain under snow well into July. In addition, snow pack could remain on the north facing slopes of the higher elevations into early August.

The heavy snow pack will make trail maintenance difficult, particularly for the Backcountry Horsemen volunteers who work so hard to open trails throughout the wilderness every year.

Hikers should be patient as late melting snow will hinder the clearing of blowdowns on the PCT.

While the PCT is accessible at Castle Crags SP, the Trail is still snow covered at the higher elevations north of the state park. Due to the heavy snow pack in Northern California much of the PCT through the Trinity Alps and Russian Wilderness area will remain snow covered well into June, particularly on north facing slopes.

While the lower elevation sections of the PCT north and south of Seiad Valley, CA are accessible, the higher elevations on the Siskiyou Crest along the CA/OR state line are still holding significant snow. Acess and route finding on the Siskiyou Crest will remain challenging through the month of June.

May 1, 2011

It is May 1, 2011 and as a member of backcountry horseman I just got in after spending three days logging the burn area from Belden to about 300 yards south of williams cabin. it is open from Belden to where we were stopped by a landslide with snow down trees etc. We got into tons of ticks. they are really hungry and active this time of year. In November I rode south from Humbolt summit to Belden and at that time there was at least 50 places of down timber and I can only imagine what it is like now. Forest service is making noise that they plan to work the area this year so let’s see what happens.