Emergency Closure of Backcountry Campsites In Crater Lake National Park

July 24th, 2019

Dutton Creek and Red Cone campsites, located along the Pacific Crest Trail in Crater Lake National Park, have been closed to public use by the park superintendent due to a significant number of hazardous trees that threaten those areas.

Beetle damage and the wildland fire events of the past few years have resulted in many burned trees that, while still standing, are unstable or dead in and around the Dutton Creek and Red Cone campsites.  These “standing dead” trees pose a significant danger to the public and can fall without warning, possibly resulting in serious injury or death of anyone in their path.  This closure is made under 36 CFR 1.5 (a)(1).

Brown Mountain Shelter and Fish Lake Lodge

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By: Rick H.
July 22nd, 2019

The well at the Brown Mountain Shelter takes the ability to press bench 200 pounds and have four hands in order to obtain water. Do not count on getting water at this site if you can’t bench press 200 pounds and have another set of hands. Secondly, the Fish Lake Lodge while having great food and even better service does NOT have wi-fi in any shape or service level. Do not plan to be able to communicate to the outside world from this location.

Construction Activity on PCT near Cascade Locks – June to December 2019

By: Wilson Construction
June 19th, 2019

BPA and their contractors will be conducting transmission tower and access road/trail maintenance in the Columbia River Gorge primarily between the Bonneville Dam and Shellrock Mountain from June to December 2019. PCT crosses the transmission line right-of-way approximately 1 mile south of I-84 near Cascade Locks in Oregon Section G at PL2146. Construction traffic will use SW Moody Ave where it passes under I-84 near the PCT Winter Trailhead to access the transmission line. Please use caution and watch for heavy equipment and vehicles in these areas. Delays or short detours around the work area near PL2146 may be necessary during some construction operations. Please follow the direction of signage and flaggers, if present.

Other trails in the vicinity that may also be impacted by construction activities where they cross the transmission line right-of-way or access roads.

Section D over Labor Day Weekend

By: cb97123
September 20th, 2018

I hiked from Highway 58 (Willamette Pass) to Highway 138 (North Crater Trailhead) utilizing the OST alternate north of Windigo Pass. The trail is in excellent shape with only sporadic logs across the trail that are easy to step over or around, a couple may be issues for Equestrians between Windigo and Maidu. The OST alternate is well signed and easy to navigate, even though it looks challenging on the maps. Lakes are down across the region, but water is available at all lakes/ponds on the OST alternate and at Maidu Lake (which I think is a better/easier water source than Six Horse Spring).