Mt. Ashland to Green Springs Summit

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By: cb97123
June 2nd, 2014

Well marked and well maintained trail. A few step-over logs east of Mt. Ashland Ski Road 20 and a few north of Hobart Bluff, all easy. Some brushy spots east and west of I-5. The only issue for this section will be water, only a few seeps had a trickle and this is only May. Soon the only hope for water will be the cistern and faucet or the small pond near Soda Mountain (Halfmile’s WA1736 and WA1738b).

Willamette Pass to Elk Lake

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By: CB97123
September 3rd, 2013

From Willamette Pass to Charlton Lake the trail is in perfect condition, but no on-trail water after Rosary Lakes. Bobby Lake is worth the side trip for water, and it’s beauty. Charlton Lake to Elk Lake has a few logs across the trail, especially north of Stormy Lake and near Island Meadow, but nothing too bad. Bugs were not a problem, despite the many lakes and ponds, and we even had freshly caught trout for breakfast one day!

Ashland Smoke Update

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By: David
August 13th, 2013

Severity of the smoke in the Ashland area has varied widely over the past few weeks depending on wind conditions. At its worst it is difficult to see more than four city blocks at a time, and at its best we’ve enjoyed clear blue skies. This has been as true for the summit of Mt Ashland as ot has for the City itself.
The good news is that lion’s share southern Oregon wildfires have stayed in the Roseburg/Douglas County area far from the Trail itself, although lightning is forecast for the next 2 days (8/10 and 8/11).

Ashland smoke

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By: Puppy / Caroline
July 31st, 2013

I can’t say any more than that residents of Ashkand are complaining about forest fire smoke. I dont know where from. Can’t mean good things for area trail, or people wanting to go into town. Being in the woods (implement 1457.5) it’s difficult to research. Wish it were easier to find info. I see smoke all around Shasta, and worry about this, also.

[EDITOR: The smoke is likely coming from the fires in Southern Oregon. They’re well west of the trail. inciweb.org is the main source for fire information that doesn’t directly threaten the PCT.]

OR/CA Border to Mt. Ashland Ski Road

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By: CB97123
July 15th, 2013

Multiple day hikes over 4th of July weekend to complete OR/CA border to (paved) Mt. Ashland Ski Road. Trail is in good condition with all seeps running water. A few log hops, but they have access around established already that look OK for equestrians. Road 20, however, is narrow, steep, rocky, and just plain bad to drive between Meridian Overlook and Wrangle Gap.