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Major littering at Warner Springs area

By: Hamburger Helper
April 22nd, 2016

Someone has been dumping toilet-related trash in the crevices around Eagle Rock. A few weeks ago I found a fresh banana peel and human feces in the open at the base of one of the smaller boulders in front of the eagle. The trash can at the pipe gate outside the trailhead at Hwy 79, next to the Fire Station is overflowing and hikers are tossing their zip locks and misc trash on the ground below it and on the stone ledge above it. I might be able to clean it up when I go back in early May if the problem persists. There is a dumpster across the road at the Community Center!

Small Landslide PCT – Mile 69.10

By: James Amato
January 25th, 2016

Just got done hiking the first 150 miles of the PCT from Campo to Hwy 74. At mile 69.10, I came across a small landslide that blocked the trail. It was roughly several meters wide in a very steep part of a canyon. The trail was blocked by 2 huge boulders and tons of loose sediment. What lied above the trail (where the slide came from) looked extremely unstable. When approaching the slide the trail was literally cracked and slumping. As a backpacker, it was a bit sketchy to get over, but doable.. no way a horse could pass and is in an area that would be extremely difficult to turn around. It’s ALOT steeper then how it appears in the photos attached. It was located just north of the concrete Water tank at mile 68.4.

Sincerely, James Amato aka Business Time



Mt bikes on the PCT

By: John
March 12th, 2015

Saw fresh mt bike tracks while trail running on the PCT from Burnt Rancheria Campground, mile 41.4 to Lower Morris Meadow trail junction, mile 38.5. The tracks continued southbound from 38.5. Hikers should use extreme caution when hiking up to Mt Laguna, as we’re seeing downhill mt bike tracks frequently on the PCT in the section between mile 30 (Kitchen Creek Road) and mile 41.4 (Burnt Rancheria Campground.

Mountain Lion near Warner Springs

By: Hamburger Helper
April 16th, 2013

At about 0715 on 4-4-13 I was 15 minutes SOUTH of Warner Springs on my way to Barrel Springs when I saw a cougar on trail right, within 100 yards. We had a stare down and it bolted for the brush; it was magnificient. About a week later a friend told me that her friend had, on probably that same day, seen a mountain lion dragging a deer across a road; when she honked, the lion dropped it and both the deer and lion ran off. This same person said that there were reports from residents of the town of a cougar running at their dogs. Although I did see the lion, the rest is hearsay.