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Oregon Crater Lake to Fish Lake Trees Downed

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By: John Livingston
June 29th, 2015

Starting June 20 hiked south from Highway 138 to Highway 140 around lower trail west of Crater Lake and south to Fish Lake. Of course mosquitoes very heavy and variable. Hundreds of trees down across lower trail and many trees across trail south of Mazama Campground to almost Fish Lake. Bear spotted near Christi’s Spring but ran away. Several large old forest fires had many trees across trail. Some signs burned. Area needs trail crew.

Finding Annie Springs Trail 8/24/2014

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By: cb97123
September 17th, 2014

I day hiked the “Hikers PCT” from the Rim Drive intersection (Road 1841) to Hwy 62 and the trail is spectacular. However, I found several “through hikers” wandering Mazama Campground looking for the Annie Springs Trail, based on bad information. From the parking lot between the Mazama store (showers 75 cents/4 minutes) and the Restaurant, go north (out) the campground access road and continue north on an unmarked dirt road just as the access road turns west. This dirt road turns into trail and crosses the paved Rim Dr. road just west of a bridge with a sign for the Annie Springs Trail. If you miss the unmarked dirt road, you can head north on Rim Dr. road (away from the park entrance booth) to the bridge and signed trail. Going into the campground is the wrong direction.

Camp Creek Complex – Sky Lakes Wilderness

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September 15th, 2014

As of September 15th, the PCT is open again in this area.

The Camp Creek Complex, including the 790 fire near the PCT, is on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in southern Oregon. Fire 790 burned near mile 1803 to mile 1805.5. Multiple other small fires burned near the PCT.

Fire 790 with IR data published 8/7/14 5:18:00 AM

Fire 790 with IR data published 8/7/14 5:18:00 AM

Camp Creek Complex with MODIS and IR layers. MODIS from 2:45 p.m. on 8.4.14. IR layer from 8/4/14 7:51:00 AM

Camp Creek Complex with MODIS and IR layers. MODIS from 2:45 p.m. on 8/4/14. IR layer from 8/4/14 7:51:00 AM

Log-out in Sky Lakes Wilderness

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By: Phil McG.
July 29th, 2014

The PCT has been logged-out from Brown Mountain to Chriti’s Spring. There are four trees across the trail between Christi’s Spring and Island Lake Junction that will hopefully be cleared later in the summer. Equestrians should be able to ride around them. Christi’s Spring has a good flow.

Pumice Flat wildfire in Crater Lake National Park

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July 29th, 2014

On the afternoon of Tuesday July 22nd, Crater Lake National Park received numerous lightning strikes. On Monday July 28th at approxiamtely 11:15am a fire was discovered in the Pumice Flat area in the south end of the park. It was believed to have been ignited by lightning the previous week. The fire is burning in mixed conifer forests composed of hemlock, fir, and pine.

Aggressive suppression action is being taken at this time. No expected containment date has been set. All park facilities and operations remain open. Hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail may be impacted in the upcoming week and may experience delays.

More information

Pumice Flat Fire - 7.28.14 - Photo by Crater Lake National Park

Pumice Flat Fire – 7.28.14 – Photo by Crater Lake National Park

July 10, 2012

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From Tuna Helper’s PCT-L Digest Post

There are only a few patches of snow from Hwy 140 (mile 1780, Fish
Lake Resort) until mile 1800 at the start of the ridgeline ending in Devils
Peak (mile 1806). Once on the ridge, the snow patches become more numerous,
however flat and easy to cross. At mile 1803, (at the Divide Trail
junction) the trail crosses a north slope where the snow becomes steep and
more difficult. From 1803 to 1806 there are exposed sections of long snow
fields with long slides if one were to fall, however the snow is soft and
usually easy to make good steps. Once to Devils Peak, one must glisade or
shoe ski down the quite steep slope and go about a half mile down before
the trail is visible. A GPS is very handy here for route finding. Snow
patches become fewer as you lose elevation and don’t cover the trail again
until around mile 1820. Around mile 1825, the snow begins to become solid
fields within the trees, making navigation very hard, but travel across
them is fairly easy if you know where to head. The solid fields become
patches as you near the Crater Lake Highway and continue until the Rim
Trail cutoff. There is about 1.5 miles of solid snow on the trail up to the
rim. Along the first few miles of the rim, large, steep faced snow drifts
make travel difficult. Nearing the Wizard Island lookout the snow turns
into one more than less continuous snow field until a little before the
equestrian/hiker PCT junction. Good views but slow going. Down and across
the flats until 2 miles past Highway 138 is snow free.

Once you climb back
to about 6000 ft the snow returns. The snow is nearly continuous from mile
1856 until 1864 at the Howlock Trail junction where I got off trail. For
the first few miles the snow is steep, hard drifts interconnected and
shaded by the trees. There is a brief sloped snow field section just after
the Mt. Thielsen trail junction, however the solid hard snow fields within
the trees resume shortly after. It looks like an avalanche came off the
west side of Thielsen sometime this past season. Thielsen Creek is covered
in snow and no flowing water was seen since the few creeks heading up to
the Crater Lake rim. A little ways after the creek, the terrain becomes
quite steep and more consequential if a fall happened. Judging by the
melted areas around trees, the snow is 3-6 feet deep still. Even the large,
open, sunny meadow at the Howlock Trail Junction is covered in at least a
few feet of snow. I can only imagine the snow continues for about another
10-15 miles after where I got off, as the elevation remains above 6000 ft.
Hopefully it will melt out in a few more weeks. It took me 8 hours to
travel 10 miles across this snow area by Mt. Thielsen.

June 28, 2012

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Second hand report from the shuttle service in Ashland. A group from CO was turned back north of fish lake by 5-10ft snow drifts last week.

This week’s poor weather dusted the peaks around Fish lake with snow.