Section C

Crowder Canyon – Section C by Cajon Pass Rock Fall Conditions

By: Christina Torres
November 22nd, 2022

We were heading NB from Horsethief Canyon to the Interstate 15. There were some areas through Crowder Canyon dangerous strewn with large rocks and very difficult to pass through due to rock falls from a recent heavy rain. With another heavy rain expected next week it will probably get much worse than it was. I realize there is a lot of work and volunteer effort involved but this area is beginning to get a bit dangerous. Hoping it can be fixed at least before the 2023 thru-hiking season gets started. Thanks so much.

Trail wash out and rock slides

By: Nikki Purmal
November 22nd, 2022

Section C/D:
The areas I’m reporting are within a mile or so of the McDonald’s. On the south east side of the 15. There is a section of the PCT that is also locally known as the camp Cajon Kauder Creek Trail. Several sections of this trail have washout areas with rock debris which make it difficult to cross.