Section C

Downed Tree Report(s) Mile 285 – 295

By: Hikin' Jim
June 1st, 2017

I did a short section hike with my daughter this past weekend from about mile 285 to about mile 295.

Here is my GPS track plotted on a topo map:

I have marked the downed trees with a three digit number and the words “downed tree”. The worst are numbers 483, 486, 489, and 493 as I recall. None of these are impassable although #493 might be impassible to a person on horseback; it’s a very large log down perpendicular over the trail, possibly 40″ diameter, on a steep slope.

Photos of each available if they’re needed/wanted.


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Delamar Fire burn area

October 3rd, 2016

The PCT is now open through the Delmar burn area.  Please exercise caution when traveling through a recently burned area.  The trail will most likely not be to the usual PCT standard, soils have changed and there have been many other impacts to the land.  Please be careful.

The PCT is closed due to the Delamar fire from road 3N14, near Little Bear Springs Camp approximately mile 285 south to road 3N09, Van Dusen Canyon Road mile 275.1.


Pilot Fire near Silverwood Lake, Calif.

September 2nd, 2016

The Pacific Crest Trail is open again after the Pilot Fire between Deep Creek and Silverwood Lake. About 7.5 miles of Pacific Crest Trail are in the burn perimeter.

While the trail is open, you should be careful. Hazards in recent burn areas may include: loose soils, rocks and trail tread, burned stump holes, hazard trees, unstable terrain and flash flooding and debris flows.


Pilot Fire and the Pacific Crest Trail


Silverwood Lake Algae Blooms

August 4th, 2016

Please note that the current water conditions in Lake Silverwood are constantly changing.  Currently there is an algae bloom in the lake and state officials have posted a no swimming advisory for the lake.  The lake has been signed but as the PCT navigates around the lake and to some remote beaches, it seems prudent to alert the hiking community.

You can find updates from the Park here

and read more information on the situation here

Silverwood to Interstate 15.

By: Jim and Cyndi Johnson
May 27th, 2015

Based on a tree report for this section my wife and I took our horses to a point about 5 miles from the Silverwood trail head. We removed several trees that were across the trail but this is a steep section and there are many dead oaks on the slope. It is advisable for equestrians to carry a saw with them if possible due to these trees that will eventually slip across the trail. Also, the tread is somewhat fragile in this area so equestrians should stay to the up hill side and avoid riding near the edge.

Wooden bridge

By: Marylyn Shubin
May 27th, 2015

Location: Van Dusen Rd/ PCT East Bound
My horse and I broke one wooden slat on the on ground bridge May 24, 2015. Coming back we avoided crossing via another route. I live in the area and would be happy to repair it. It needs to be repaired quickly as it is heavily travelled. I am going to notify our local Big Bear Forestry on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. An entire replacement bridge would be advised as it is rotted. We all had a great ride.