Section C

April 23, 2012

Reported on the San Bernardino Forest Service website.

Pacific Crest Trail – East of Mojave River Forks Dam The trail is closed due to a 50 foot long rock slide across the trail, approximately 1/2 mile east of the Mojave Forks spillway, and a smaller slide of about 25 feet across the trail, about 1 mile north of Splinters cabin and a heavily damaged bridge, about 2 miles north of Devils Hole. PCT Detour Mileage 14 miles From South to North, hike across the Splinter’s Cabin Bridge and turn left @ the north end and begin following the red re-route markers. Hike up 3N34C about 1/3 mi to 3N34, turn right (North) and continue on 3N34 approx. 6.5 miles. Every road junction is clearly marked with red posts. At the Hwy 173 junction, turn right; follow the pavement which turns to dirt, pass through gate and continue past the lower gate which is about 3/10s mile from the parking area where the PCT proper crosses 173 (7.5mi)

Van Dusen Road access to the PCT is closed due to large boulders blocking the road for vehicle access. If hikers want trail angel pick-up or drop-off, you will need to hike approx. 3 miles to where the gate is closed. This report came from the San Bernardino Forest Service.

April 4, 2012

From Cajon Pass to Splinters water is running well.

All listed streams including Mattox are flowing, three small trickles may or may not be going in the next two weeks

The Deep Creek detour road walk also has water in two spots, one large running creek and if you look to the right in the BIG BEND and climb up the rocks there is a pool about 4 foot wide and a foot and a half deep

Todd at North Fork is near to having water and power again and should be a go by the time the first herd arrives

March 6, 2012

Big Bear to Cajon Pass PLENTIFUL water, ankle to knee deep snow from 18 to a bit past Little Bear Camp.

Cache a few miles past Cajon Pass has 3 1/2 jugs of water, after that from the top of the pass all the way to Buckhorn TONS of snow, some bareable, some deep and annoying.

Ranger Station at Mill Creek filled my bottles, trail has poodle grass and burn areas still affected,

January 9, 2012

A couple of us dayhiked the section from Cottonwood TH at W Palm Springs Village to the Whitewater preserve. We were distressed to see open range cattle making a mess of the trail.

We spoke to the ranger at the Preserve who said this was BLM land and they have been advocating for removing the cattle.

July 11, 2011

right before the deep creek dam there is about a 50 foot long section of the trail that has been washed out from a landslide.

*PCTA note: This section is closed this year! See the reroute information on our main page.*

May 19, 2011

Please use caution on the OHV route section (first 7 miles or so) of the Deep Creek Detour. Do not walk down the middle of the road! I had to dodge speeding motorcycles and dune buggies numerous times. The “petroleum athletes” that recreate on this route are not expecting to see hikers on “their” road. That said, a few slower moving jeepers stopped and were friendly; I got a chance to educate them about the PCT, and enlighten them to the fact that there is a way to travel 2650 miles without burning fossil fuel….