Section D

March 14, 2012

Be advised there is a heavy concentration of Poodle Dog Bush located at the beginning of mile 356. The plants are all across the trail and it is impossible to navigate around them without making contact.

The plants do not continue past where the trail crosses the 4×4 road a quarter of a mile past mile marker 356. Hikers can bypass this portion of trail by taking the 4×4 road at mile 352

November 22, 2011

Poodle-dog bush or Common turricula is everywhere from about mile 410 (a few miles north of Sulphur Springs) to 437+ (North Fork Ranger Station). It is very concentrated around Mt. Gleason area or Mile 428 to 430.

This bush can cause skin irritation similar to poison oak. If you plan on hiking in this area review images, symptoms and treatments before hiking in this area. Currently the plant is not showing the flowers so learn to identify it with and without flowers.

June 27, 2011

The endangered species reroute down the Southfork trail is not passable with stock. Do not attempt with stock.
Ray Drasher Section D Chief

From Mill Creek Summit to Messenger Flat is not passable with stock. Do not attempt.
Ray Drasher Section D Chief