Section E

Aggressive dog encounter

By: Anthony Polis
January 12th, 2022

On January 1, 2022, my wife and I encountered a very aggressive and threatening dog while hiking in the Antelope Valley in Section E. We encountered the dog while hiking NB 0.6 miles south of Highway SR-138 / W Ave D. We initially heard at least two dogs barking on a property that borders the PCT. One of the dogs ran full speed across the property that borders the trail, went under a barbed-wire fence, and nearly attacked us. We were able to avoid getting attacked by slowly walking backwards and yelling at the dog but it followed us for about 5 minutes and lunged at us three times. The dog finally backed off after I waved my trekking pole high in the air and screamed at the top of my lungs.

I reported this incident on the PCT water report group on FB and two other hikers said they had similar experiences (the post has since been deleted by the admins, presumably because it’s not water related). One of the hikers reported seeing a dead horse on the property. They both told me to report the incident to animal control, which I did. Hopefully something is done about this dog because it was not the usual guard dog; it seemed set on attacking.

Here’s a map of where the encounter took place:

Trail wiped out by loose rock slide at mile 495.1

By: Ilja Friedel
October 27th, 2021

Erosion caused by the Lake fire has completely buried the trail around Guthook mile 495.1 above Upper Shake Campground. The current length is about a quarter mile length with loose, deep moving rocks on a steep downhill section of the trail. Less secure hikers should consider walking the ridge dirt road from mile 492.9 (water guzzler) to mile 495.4 (campground junction with burned trail marker). The coming rains will probably make the slide even worse. There is also a lot of young poodledog bush in this particular area (especially mile 492.9).