Section F

Blowdowns in the Piute and Scodie Mountains

By: Stefan Gogosha
April 4th, 2024

There are many blowdowns between miles 594 and 644 (in the Piute and Scodie Mountains), several new this year. The blowdowns are passable on foot, but several are not passable on horseback (on steep hillsides). There is one spot before mile 642.7 in the Scodie Mountains with 20 or more trees down (many from previous years) such that it looks someone is playing pick-up sticks with trees.

Road damage affects trail access in the Piute Mountains and Kiavah Wilderness

By: Scott Matheson
October 25th, 2023

Access from the Jawbone Canyon OHV area (where Jawbone Canyon Road meets Highway 14) into the backcountry has been closed by washouts. This affects access to PCT trailheads via the east from Jawbone Canyon Road as far north as Kelso Valley Road. Access to the area from the west, via the paved segment of Kelso Valley Road, is unaffected.

Also, Bird Spring Canyon Road, sc120, is now so badly rutted out on the west side that approaching the trail from that side is not recommended (even with high clearance vehicles) except to experienced off-road drivers. Access to the PCT via Bird Spring Canyon Road from the east, from Highway 14, is unaffected.