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July 13, 2011

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From Windigo pass to White Pass, the PCT is really holding snow this year. In general, snowmelt is about 3-4 weeks later than normal. As of mid-July there is still snow cover on well over half the trail. We expect snow cover to remain at the highest elevations and the northeast facing slopes until mid-August. If you venture out, please be prepared with the appropriate navigational tools. If you are looking for snow-free hiking we suggest the Columbia River area, or the Clackamas Lake/Warm Springs area.

July 6, 2011

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Hiked this section on July 2-4 2011. Continuous snow above elevation 4500 feet on most slopes. Used GPS to find trail up to Timberline Lodge. A few bare ground spots near the lodge.

Northbound from Timberline Lodge continuous snow until trail drops below elevation 4500 feet.Crampons desirable but not essential. Tree wells and many canyons and snow bridges over creeks very fatiguing and dangerous. Snow depth 4-8 feet.

Sandy River reqires wading across 15 feet wide channel up to 3 feet deep. Met one southbound hiker from Cascade Locks that said there was 8 miles of continuous snow from Indian Creek Campground to Lola Pass.

Plenty of trees down from Barlow Pass to Timberline Lodge. North of the lodge when you get out of the snow there are places of trail washouts but can get thru them.

It will be at least September before most of the area north of Timberline Lodge is snow free.

We left the trail at Ramona Falls and hitch hiked back to Bend. Will do this section in September.

June 13, 2011

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as of 2 weeks ago, may 28th into the first week of june, the trail from lolo pass to wahtum lake was impassable due to a 10 ft deep glacier over the trail near bull run lake. i wouldnt atempt it without an ice axe and crampons. even then its very sketchy. the glacier wasnt too steep, however, as it went down the hill, it gets steeper and then to a vertical drop. we had to repell off the glacier on a piece of para chord to what i am guessing was lolo pass rd. however, the road itself was covered in 3 ft of packed snow. we ended up bush wacking south of butcher knife peak to lost lake and had to hitch a ride to i84.

June 1, 2011

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This is the only section thus far that has a little bit of melt. Climbing out of Cascade Locks is clear, though there have been reports of deep snow on Benson Plateau. It’s a great time to hike this section and see all the creeks swollen with snow melt!

September 20, 2010

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The heavy rains of recent days have caused new landslide activity in the Zig Zag canyon. The PCT is currently impassable to stock, and dangerous for hikers. The Forest Service sent an emergency crew out to improve the trail enough for hikers, but, for stock a more long term solution will need to be implemented, likely next summer. (This slide area is near the same spot where a new bridge to repair an older slide had just been installed.)