Section G

May 24, 2011

I did a backpacking trip from Chimney Ck CG to Clover Mdw and I want to report how the trail is.I did this trip on May 10th to the 12th.The trail is in real good condition in that area it looked like tread work in the area of
Long Valley was done not that long ago so its in great shape I counted a total of 11 felled snags and there are no washouts to report.

April 7, 2011

Just a heads up for planning for 2011; The Sierra snow pack is at an all-time high! (200%) Mammoth has 15 feet on the ground still, Tioga almost as much. Expect solid snow on the ground from Cottonwood area north well into June this season!

Tioga will definitely be late in opening, which means the Post Office at Tuolumne won’t be open – maybe until very late in June. All passes and trails out to roadheads will be under snow well into June – think about your resupply points.

Basically – don’t come too early. Not this year. Be prepared for a LOT of snow and difficult stream crossings until end of July!

Kennedy Meadows Store north of Walker Pass will be open to receive parcels, but know that you’ll be in snow from there north!

May 26, 2010

I backpacked from Walker Pass Campground to Chimney Peak Campground on the weekend of 5/15 through 5/16/2010. I would like to report the trail concitions here.

From Walker Pass Campground to Owen’s Peak Saddle, there were perfect trail conditions. However, after the Owen’s Peak Saddle, the trail needs major pick-axe work. It almost seemed like side-hilling since the trail was almost erased by slides.

Although, when I got to Cow Canyon the conditions were almost identical. There is water flowing through a pipe at Joshua Tree Springs. BLM has a sign posted at this point which states that the water is unsafe for drinking, so I would recommend filtering any water obtained from this source (or the use of chlorine tablets).

Spanish Needles Canyon also needs pick-axe work done; however, in addition to the slides, there are also many trees downed due to high winds earlier this year. The Spanish Needles Creek is flowing and is a good water source.

Over the Spanish Needles Saddle on the north side, the trail was in fair to good condition all the way to Chimney Creek Campground. I am interested in helping to maintain this section of trail. I can be reached by email at [email protected] if you desire my help. There is no water at the Chimney Creek Campground since BLM has shut the well off. There were BLM officials working there. When I asked them about the well, they stated that they were attempting to repair the well to working order.