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February 9, 2010

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All of the bridges that were destroyed in flood events over the last several years in the Glacier Peak Wilderness have been reconstructed. The Suiattle River bridge site has been moved about 3 miles west of its original location. Trail connecting all of these bridges has not yet been constructed. The PCT has not been thoroughly maintained for several years due to lack of access. Trail crews will be on the ground all summer with hopes to bring the Trail up to standard before the season is over. Therefore, the reroute is still in effect for the 2011 hiking season, with hopes of opening the original route soon. The Forest Service will continue to log out the Temporary Detour throughout the closure period and was able to brush particularly bad sections in 2009.
The trails along the detour route are not constructed and maintained to the same high standard as the PCT. Users can expect high fords until mid August, and trail sections that are steep, rough, brushy, and difficult to follow. These trails require a higher skill level for hikers.
Stock users are advised to trailer between Steven