Section K

June 28, 2011

Hiked the PCT from Echo lakes to dicks lake before dropping down to Emerald bay. June 23-26. Most of trail ( 99% ) above echo lakes under 3 to 10 feet of snow. Navigation very difficult. Only one party in front of me. Two Rim hikers thanks Julie and Ned for leading the way.

All upper lake still frozen over, Water plentiful except at highest altitudes. May need extra fuel to melt water or plan your water pick ups as appropriate. Ice axe and micro spikes recommended. As of Saturday two very steep ( 50-60 degree) snow fields to cross below Dicks Pass.

Was going to do section to 80 but after the rest of the party quit the first night and traveling solo. I did not think it prudent to continue beyond Emerald bay. The snow pack and high altitudes to the north appear to be just as frozen in. Of approximately 25 miles traveled 22 or more were on deep snow, some drifts appear to be over 12 feet deep. Melt out not likely for Weeks some places August.