Section P

Serious Downfall

By: Steve Lewis
November 27th, 2017

It’s appx 1/10th of mile NOBO from the junction of the Dog Trail and the PCT at halfmile, mile 1505.75 in Castle Crags. Huge downfall and you can’t go over it nor under it so I had to walk down the steep slippery slope without falling to get around it. I imagine a lot of day hikers just may turn around without going around it but the dedicated ones will keep going. It will make it rough going for locals hiking to Burstarse Falls. Photo on my FB page under the Castle Crags album…

Carter Meadows to Etna Summit

By: Laurie Hallum
June 22nd, 2015

Hiking partner and I hiked Carter Meadows TH to Etna Summit June 14 – 15, 2015. All of the trees that were on the trail have been cut and removed. Thank you trail crews. A few areas were a little brushy, the trail sustained some damage from the fire last year, but it didn’t make it a complete moonscape of the area. Beautiful views and water were still there, but the water may not be in a couple of months.

Klamath National Forest – White, Happy Camp and July Complexes

October 1st, 2014

The PCT is open again after the Happy Camp and July Complex from Shelly Fork (mile 1617.4) north to Seiad Valley (mile 1662.0).

The PCT is open again through the Russian Wilderness (mile 1592 to mile 1603) due to the Whites Fire. The trail is also open again from Carter Meadows Summit north to the southern Russian Wilderness boundary and from the northern Russian Wilderness Boundary north to Shelly Fork.

The PCT is also open again from Carter Meadows Summit and Scott Summit (Hwy 3) in the Trinity Alps Wilderness that had been closed due to the Coffee Fire.

There will be no official alternates.


Trees across trail

By: Wendy Johnson
July 22nd, 2013

2 – 6″ & 8″ – up near top of switch backs map P2 section 36
1 – 10″ about 1/2 mile S of the above mentioned trees, PCT wooden sign post is leaning against the tree, also shrub on uphill side about 40 ft. N of tree needs to be trimmed.

The following are all on map P1:
1 – 6″ – just S of Dog Trail
1 – 18″ – about 1/4 – 1/2 M. S of Dog Trail, before W. Sulfur Creek, can go under it with some bending
2 – 8″ & 10″ – just S of E. Sulfur Creek
1 – 8″ S. of the N. Flume Trail crossing by about 20 yds.
Between Winton Canyon and N. Campground Water Supply Creek there are 4 separate areas, one area with several trees, none of the trees are larger than 8″

The Backcountry Horsemen have cleared all of the other trees in that section – thanks!!

Snow Pack Around Deadfall Lakes

By: Jazz Kenny
June 5th, 2013

Snow pack around mile 1539 of the PCT before the Deadfall Lakes, would suggest crampons – the area of the trail affected is on a steep ridge, with the snowpack blocking large sections of the trail.

Watch weather conditions, numerous downed trees and poor trail maintenance past White Ridge (Spring running strong) combined with fresh snowfall could completely obliterate trail visibility.

Spring directly prior to Lake Helen detour not running.

October 25, 2012

By: Tom

Trail is clear from I-5 to Scott Mtn Summitt.

Middle of October with no rain yet and water sources were the only real problem. Permanent water has been marked from the trail in 2 places and are worth the small detour to fill up. One is past Burstarse Creek and the other up by Devil’s Pocket.